Phuket Beachfront Restaurant by Baba Beachclub Phuket

Baba Beach Club

Baba Beachfront Hotel & Beach Club was designed to present the fun and enjoyment atmosphere while maintaining the luxurious for the high class lifestyle. This space will be the beachfront hotel and the club house at night. It will be turning into a relaxed area with fantastic restaurant at night. The panoramic view of the Andaman Sea and beachfront swimming pool will create the chill out atmosphere for the guests to fall in love with the stunning views of a summer paradise both in a day time and also at a night time.

It is designed under the theme of “Chino Portuguese Tang” which combines Chino Portuguese Style which has been the signature of Phuket and the colourful theme of Shanghi Tang. The unspoiled white sandy beach with the beachfront views will create the more valuable of the vacation away from home to be the perfect second home for those who are looking for the privacy getaway.